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Croydon Flyover

Project background

A London Highway Alliance Contract (LoHAC) project on behalf of KIER (LoHAC South Area) for the main client, Transport for London (TfL).

The works are part of the client’s ongoing commitment to public safety as well as maintaining the structural integrity of Croydon Flyover, a key interlink bridge carrying the A232 over an NCP and Local Authority owned Car Park, in Croydon, London.

Project description

Damjul Ltd carried out visual and delamination surveys of the crossheads, parapet plinths, and piers of the structure. Large extents of the underside of the structure are used as car parks (NCP and Local Authority owned) with high volume usage and pedestrian traffic.

With this backdrop, the aim of the scheme is to make safe all delaminated areas and mark up insipient spalled areas for removal later.

Services Provided

Project Management, Structures Inspections & Delamination Surveys, Technical Reporting.

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