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Cycle Superhighway 11 (CS11)

Swiss Cottage Basement Surveys

Project background

A London Highway Alliance Contract (LoHAC) project on behalf of KIER (LoHAC South Area) for the main client, Transport for London (TfL).

The works are in support of the Mayor of London’s Cycle SuperHighway 11 (CS11) scheme, conceived to provide a highly attractive low-traffic cycle route from Swiss Cottage to the West End of London. The objective being to steer thousands of vehicular movements out of the whole area as more people switch to cycling.

Project description

Damjul Ltd undertook Visual and Delamination Surveys for the basements of 59 properties along Finchley Road and the surrounding area.  The properties are mainly commercial outlets, Banks, and Restaurants.

The intent of the surveys was to document the findings in a Technical Report with a view to establishing a baseline condition of the structural integrity of the basements. A follow-on survey is planned to be carried post completion of the CS11 Civil Construction Works to evaluate the impact of the civil construction works on the basement structures. This will then enable the client to verify which defects are attributable to the works and repair those accordingly or use the report to contest unfounded business loss claims.

Services Provided

Project Management, Structures Inspections & Delamination Surveys, Technical Reporting.

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